Remote OTA Update for Raspberry Pi and IoT Device

IT administrators must plan Raspberry Pi and IoT device updates because IoT technology changes rapidly. Vendors can release updates and fixes to the firmware, software or device controllers at any time, so IT admins will need to plan for them. While IoT deployments multiply in a wide variety of verticals, most IoT devices lack a secure update mechanism.

RemoteIoT provides over-the-air (OTA) updates, which can remotely update the software or firmware of connected IoT devices. This saves IT staff time and effort as they can push updates to a fleet of devices at once.

The RemoteIoT allows you to upload your application to all devices in the web-based management console. Even if you have millions of devices, you can easily update your application across all your devices with a single click.

Key Benefits of RemoteIoT Remote OTA Update:

  • One-click software updates across massive fleets
  • Secure execution ensures software authenticity
  • Efficient Incremental FOTA strategy saves time, cost and energy
  • Efficient campaign planning tools
  • Flexible pay-as-you-grow model


With RemoteIoT updates, you can keep your entire IoT fleet updated, no matter where they're located or what industry you're in. RemoteIoT updates services keep the overall cost of operations low while maintaining millions of widely distributed global devices up to date, secure and working at their best.