How to Securely Access IoT Devices Remotely Over the Internet?

The IoT industry globally has seen a huge spike in terms of technological advancement and development over the past few decades. IoT devices or embedded computers have made the human lifestyle easy, from simple tasks to managing complex computing applications. IoT means a huge network of devices, sensors, and computing systems. With the help of IoT technology, you can connect different processes and things remotely. In case you want to ensure the maximum growth and security of your business enterprise, you must effectively manage and track your Internet of Things devices.

Tracking and managing IoT devices has become easy with the help of the RemoteIoT platform.

How to remotely ssh Raspberry age Pi or IoT devices in the web browser?

The Internet of things is one of the most powerful technologies that has evolved over a few years. Today we can connect almost any object like thermostats, cars, monitors, kitchen appliances, etc. You can connect IoT devices to the Internet with the help of embedded devices which enable seamless communication between the process, things, and people.

Developers often use SSH to IoT devices to manage IoT devices or Raspberry Pi. SSH stands for secure socket shell, a network of protocols that enables developers to establish a terminal session by connecting to other computing devices. A secure socket shell is generally used to connect machines on the local network or to access servers with public static IP addresses. IoT devices often keep data safe as it is placed behind firewalls and help block inbound traffic. In such a situation, it becomes challenging to manage, and access is deployed behind firewalls at remote sites. The cost and complexity of IoT device management become more due to troubleshooting equipment as it involves a technician who has to connect the equipment.

RemoteIoT uses the AWS IoT cloud platform, which is a secure way to connect IoT devices from anywhere you want. It provides a safe mechanism to encrypt and encapsulate private network traffic and move it with the help of an intermediate network. The remote IoT platform enables developers to connect IoT devices in a web browser as an SSH client.

Web console

What is IoT remote device or monitoring management?

Let's understand the meaning of IoT monitoring or device management before diving deep into how to establish remote access to IoT devices over the Internet. IoT monitoring devices is a vast process that covers several tasks like validation, configuration, monitoring, analysis, and equipping different IoT devices from one centralized location. IoT remote monitoring or device management has a prime objective of helping the business enterprise come up with the best and most innovative IoT solutions to support their enterprises' functional abilities.

As per reports from IoT analytics, by the end of the year 2025, the figure for IoT device connections will increase to thirty billion. The prime reason behind the huge spike in IoT connections is that it offers a useful solution compared to other non-IoT devices. IoT technology has grown massively, introducing innovative products like wearable devices, medical devices, smart vehicles, industrial automation, etc. In order to reap maximum benefits, you have to manage the IoT devices properly. This is the reason why effective and highly secure IoT device management is required for connecting smart assets. Experts say IoT remote management with remote access IoT devices will be the best option.

How to remote access IoT devices over the Internet?

The popularity and adoption of IoT devices have skyrocketed over the course of a few years. Technological advancement means business enterprises are no longer confined to laptop computers or mobile devices. IoT devices have made a huge impact on logistic business enterprises. It is also playing a great role in other sectors like agriculture, transportation, warehousing, etc. One main aspect of IoT devices is that they have the ability to be controlled and accessed remotely from any place in the globe. A few Internet protocols that help remote access IoT devices are as follows.

  • SSH Connections
  • Proxy Connections
  • VPN Connections
  • RDP Connections

All these efficient solutions enable remote access to IT devices. However, there can be some constraints that can make these solutions meaningless for business organizations. It is important to select different web apps and software for accessing remote IoT devices so that they are easier and less restrictive to connect than Internet protocols requiring much technical expertise.

Remote access IoT devices can be established over the Internet to improve business enterprises' operational efficiency. Effective and efficient IoT management solution also enables real-time monitoring. Predictive maintenance help in real-time monitoring in order to eliminate operational issues. Today leading top cloud services providers like Microsoft Azure and AWS Google cloud provides secure and robust cloud infrastructure designed especially for IoT device remote access system. With the help of these cloud service providers, remote IoT management has become easier.

Importance and benefits of remote access to IoT devices

  • Warehousing
  • Business enterprises can tag different tools like forklifts and pallets with IoT sensors accurately and easily. IoT sensors are also used for tracking humidity, condition monitoring, tracking Internet temperature, air quality, etc.
  • Transportation
  • Maximum revenue from the logistics market globally is generated with the help of IoT fleet management. Real-time and accurate visibility of transport vehicles is possible through IoT devices. Accurate and quick location identification with the help of private or public IoT networks has been useful to the business enterprises.
  • Agriculture
  • According to a study, around 12 million IoT sensors in agricultural centers will be installed globally by the end of the year 2023. This IoT deployment will help farmers to gain more profits. With the help of IoT devices, farmers can monitor moisture levels, soil temperature, and many other things.
  • Manufacturing
  • Today IoT devices are used widely in the manufacturing domain for attaining efficient factory automation. Deployment of IoT devices can help the manufacturing industry result in low operating costs and the cost associated with equipment maintenance.

IoT devices are now widely used by all sectors, and the demand for efficient and effective remote access IoT tools in different domains is also increasing. While selecting IoT remote management system, you must consider the important security features and always go for highly secured remote access IoT devices that can benefit your business enterprises. The major areas that have benefited the most from IoT remote management systems are industrial automation, supply chain management, smart devices, etc. Using remote IoT device management, business enterprises can ensure the efficient functionality of IoT devices and quickly resolve IoT issues.